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At ASML we bring together the most creative minds in physics, electronics, mechatronics, software and precision engineering. This combined brain power develops lithography machines that are key to producing cheaper, faster, more energy-efficient microchips. Our machines need to image billions of structures in a few seconds with an accuracy of a few silicon atoms.

Challenging multidisciplinary environment
Behind ASML's technological breakthroughs are engineers thinking ahead. We offer them the ultimate challenge to solve complex technical problems in a multidisciplinary environment. ASML dares you and your team every day to push your limits. Above all, ASML is a pleasant company to work for with dedicated colleagues. It's a very down to earth organization with the appeal of a global market leader.

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Looking for job freedom?
Are you an internationally driven team player who enjoys the company of brilliant minds? Are you passionate about solving complex technological problems? If so, you'll find working at ASML a highly rewarding experience. Per employee, we're Europe's second largest private investor in R&D. This gives you the freedom to experiment in a culture where you can get things done.

Benefist and compensation
High quality people are a key asset to our company. To recognize that, we offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain the very best people and let them share in the success that they build. Read more

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