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AVROTAS is an independent engineering office which provides complete design, engineering, rapid prototyping services and high tech product support and has been founded in Istanbul on March 2006.
In these days where disciplines coalesce, we are basically providing product development services to all branches of industry. We generally provides services to automotive manufacturers and to their suppliers and also to the fields like medical, defense industry, machinery manufacturers.

We mainly provides our services to automotive sector for Trim Systems (interior and exterior plastic parts) from design to prototype; such as Class-A Modeling, Mechanical Design, Engineering Analyses and Rapid Prototyping.

We are providing optimum design/engineering services to our customers to have fast, low cost and high quality production for the global market, with our team who devoted to work systematicly and scientificly by using the proper methodology, proper staff and proper engineering techniques.

We combine well experienced teams together for the projects we carry out by working together with an engineering office -our project partner in Germany- and other local and foreign partners that we are related to and we also contribute to the development of our sector by transferring know-how from abroad.

AVROTAS has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.