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Über uns

Who we are

We’re more than consultants. We’re partners. From start to finish and beyond, we make the complicated uncomplicated by translating your organization’s needs into long-term solutions that allow your business to thrive.

As a full-service Financial Process Automation (FPA) consultancy, identifying and implementing optimal and effective solutions is what we do best. Whether implementing enterprise-wide, financial processes for global organizations, or developing many of the applications in use today, we produce viable results, maximizing efficiency at a cost that makes sense to you.

With offices in Europe and North America, our mission is to create added value with optimized business processes for global clients.

Why We’re Different

We Make it All About You.

Whether you have an existing application in place that needs an upgrade, or require a solution from scratch, we find what works best for you, not what works best for us. Your perfect solution is found in our expertise and objectivity, which we deliver on your schedule and within your budget.

We’re Narrow-Minded, But in the Right Way.

Our focus is 100% on financial process automation. That’s what we do, and that’s what we’re experts at. We don’t pontificate, navel gaze, or say but not do. We dig in, moving quickly to analyze your situation, assess the problems, develop a plan, and implement the financial process automation solutions that accomplish your goals. Period.

We Love Acronyms.

Whether you need RPA for FPA, P2P for ERP, or AP in SAP, we offer a broad portfolio of acronyms. Our products and solutions from premier leaders in financial processes, including our own, address the challenges unique to your business, your process, and your workflow.

We Provide Super-Excellent Service.

We mean what we say, and we say what we do, regardless of where you are, or what language you speak. Our ongoing customer service, including well after your system is implemented, is word-class, and what sets us apart. Think of us as your trusted advisor, innovator, developer, and account manager amalgamated in one. We’re in it for the long haul.

TL; DR? We want you to succeed and our expert counsel, sage advice, expansive range of financial automation products and solutions, and superior customer service will ensure you do.


With a history of starting successful financial process automation software companies, Carsten Nelk and Thomas Schmid, founded avvaneo in 2014 with the sole intent of developing financial automation solutions that benefit their clients directly.

The two met as developers while starting their careers at SAP. Following their work at SAP, they founded Ebydos AG and developed the Invoice Cockpit Suite—the most popular application to automate Accounts Payable in SAP—before going on to design the Process Director Application Suite, which optimizes and automates additional financial processes in SAP. In 2006 they sold Ebydos AG to ReadSoft, which ensured the global success of the ReadSoft Process Director.

Founded in Frankfurt, Germany, avvaneo’s experienced team of industry specialists now guides clients across a range of industries in North America and Europe. The company has offices in Frankfurt, London, New Orleans and Wroclaw, with additional satellite offices in emerging markets, and places with good skiing (or warm beaches…depending on which partner you ask).