AXONIM Devices

About us

AXONIM Devices engineers develop and implement solutions in the following subject areas and industries: image and video processing, digital optical devices, UAV, UAS and drones, industrial automation, telecommunications, consumer electronics and Internet of things (IoT), oil and gas industry, medical devices and equipment. We provide services and technical outsourcing support for taking projects from inception to on-time system delivery: development, concepting, design, engineering, prototyping.

Our solutions have been successfully implemented and applied at manufacturing plants in Germany and other EU countries, on low-Earth orbit satellites, in hardware and software complexes for managing mining equipment in quarries in the far north, for users in optical devices around the world, for gas distribution stations in Belarus, stock exchange, airports, electric power substations in Europe and so on.

AXONIM Devices headquarters is located in Belarus - a kind of new Silicon Valley in Eastern Europe. FYI World of Tanks, Viber, Epam, MSQRD are made in Belarus.
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