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Company Profile:
BIEGLO is a Hamburg based distribution company specialized in high performance polymers and sustainable thermoplastics. Our main products are Polyether ether ketone “PEEK” and Polyimide “PI” as raw material, semi-finished products and finished parts.
BIEGLO works also with other materials like PPSU, PEI, PAI and recycled high-performance plastics.
Next to sales and marketing BIEGLO offers support in material choices, processing methods and product development. BIEGLO is committed to long-term developments of technical products and is the distribution-partner of polymer-producers that trust in her ability to provide services in areas ranging from technical advice to financing, logistics, purchasing and product-development.

BIEGLO Website:

Bahrenfelder Straße 242, Hamburg 22765, Germany

Other active companies of BIEGLO are:
•    ASP-Plastics GmbH: distribution company for sheets and films
•    PEEK-Shop Website: distribution website for PEEK goods