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A Brain­up search is much more efficient than anything else you can find on the market when it comes to search programs.

All data and information in a system are searched - even if the documents and data in your system are filed in totally different formats or if you do not remember in which structures or language the data was saved.

Intelligent Search Technology understands Document Content!

New! The Brainup Cloud und Cloud XL for a n y website. Get the worldwide unique word cloud for your website - your own important terms from your website combined with up to date news from your region make your website really interesting - e.g. for Google! New content every day, new words and up to date news - your website comes to life!

And Brand New: Brainup AI Search! This intelligent iFrame pushes your previous search functionalities into new dimensions... We recognize misspelled words and there will always be a matching answer to your search - no more "No matches found" - we make your websites intelligent!

Curious? We look forward to meet you and your website...