C6 Advisors AG

About us

C6 Advisors is a premier provider in Switzerland for full-scale Blockchain & ICO project implementation and financing solutions. 

Based on in-house expertise and strengthened by external partners, we have built an entire eco-system to provide holistic ICO Managed Services to Blockchain startups. Rather than you running around and coordinating between the different organizations involved in setting up and managing your ICO, we manage this for you, as a one-stop shop. This pragmatic approach capitalizes on the many synergies and advantages it produces. We tailor our support depending on your needs and the purpose of your business. We believe that understanding the drivers of your company are key to deliver an efficient and personalized service.

C6 Advisors delivers the following services:
  • Management & Coordination
  • White Paper & Strategy
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Advisors & Investors
  • Engineering & Development
  • Liquidity & Hedging
  • Admin & Support
Please check out our website www.c6advisors.com for more information.
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