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Canoo Engineering AG

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"delivering end-user happiness" - this is how we describe the aspect our customers most value about us. It means custom-tailored, stable solutions for mobile and web applications that are highly rated by users for their efficiency and user-friendliness.

Thanks to 15 years experience in developing Java-based business applications and with some of the most experienced Java developers in Europe, it's no wonder that Canoo is the preferred supplier to some of the world's leading organizations. Until today, we successfully completed every project commenced (new developments/ renovations).

Canoo’s offering also includes successful products in the fields of "enterprise search", "text analysis" and "client-onboarding".

Canoo's products are used by our clients and partners as well as by our developers. Meanwhile, they are boosting the development of web applications and word analysis systems in over 50 countries worldwide.

Canoo uses agile development processes since its early days 15 years ago. Therefore, Canoo is a pioneer in this area and has comprehensive experience in applying various approaches like XP, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Software Development. Among our employees are Java champions, authors, popular speakers and active open source committers. 

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