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Since 1999, ChiroBlock has been serving customers by providing sophisticated molecules, synthesized
exclusively and on demand. Whether the molecule has never been synthesized before, a new synthesis
approach is required, or a special compound needs to be synthesized at regular intervals under strict
quality management conditions - we serve our customers' projects with innovative chemical contract
Implementing state of the art synthesis technologies, latest analytical methods, and well equipped
facilities, ChiroBlock is one of the leading European chemical contract research organisations with a
success rate far beyond average in this demanding service field. Our customers benefit from an unbiased,
professional transfer of the latest chemical know-how into industrial applications.
Even in from scratch cases, or where a synthesis approach is not available - our synthesis experts
customize not otherwise commercially available molecules on a every day basis. Our wide experience in
custom synthesis projects, lets us create individual solutions for our customers.
ChiroBlock is a staff owned service provider with a 100% focus on small-scale custom synthesis services
(mg-kg) . Due to the advantages of specialisation, ChiroBlock can offer even high risk projects at a fixed
price. With our Fee for Service contract option customers only pay, if we do deliver the requested
compounds. In contrast to other contract models - offered by most suppliers - the price is fixed and no
additional costs are incured if chemical problems arise during the synthesis. This gives our customers a
much higher predictability of risks and costs.

From first time synthesis to regular production - we accompany our customers during the crucial
product development stage for a successful future product launch.

MoleculeFactory: custom synthesis of commercially not available molecules (mg-kg),
including route scouting service for entirely new molecules (e.g.: research & reference compounds,
isotope labeled compounds, metabolites, analogues, analytical standards, compound libraries,
enantiomers, …) exclusively on demand mainly for R&D purposes.

ReDesignFactory: route scouting & route optimisation service aiming at a higher efficiency,
scale-up (process development), IP issues, avoidance of certain technologies/chemicals or a more
positive environmental impact.

SupplyChainFactory: regular production of supply chain compounds under strict quality
management regulations (ISO 9001) - ensuring consistent quality, detailed documentation & strict
regulations regarding line clearance and change management.

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