Chronos Vision

About us

CHRONOS VISION provides professional, custom-designed solutions in the field of high-speed industrial and medical image processing. We are committed to supporting our customers in the successful implementation of sophisticated applications and innovative products. Our goal is to establish long-term business partnerships with our customers, characterized by mutual respect and confidence.

Machine Vision

Whether you are looking for suitable camera hardware or a turnkey solution – contact CHRONOS VISION! Through consultancy or complimentary sample testing we can assist you in finding the optimal solution. If you require clear criteria for your decision process and seek professional advice on the prospects and risks of your planned project we can perform a comprehensive feasibility study. We also offer customer-specific training and supervision during the development phase and beyond. CHRONOS VISION guides you in realising the optimal solution and in finding the best partners. It is our task to provide each customer with the required amount of supervision and consultancy for the successful completion of each development project.

Medical Engineering

CHRONOS VISION manufactures medical devices of highest quality for the measurement of eye movements. The products contribute significantly to successful refractive surgery and find application in clinical research and diagnostics. Drawing from the experience and knowledge of Prof. Clarke and his research group at the Vestibular Research Lab of the Charité Medical School in Berlin, CHRONOS VISION has designed and developed a number of eye tracking systems and distributed them worldwide for use in research studies and clinical diagnosis. This background knowledge of the oculomotor and vestibular systems has been the driving force for our innovative products. It has also provided CHRONOS VISION with an edge on the competition. In addition to the manufacture of its own products CHRONOS VISION has gathered considerable knowledge through the development of numerous customer-specific software solutions.

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