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Founded in 2004, CIP has been an autonomously operating spin-off enterprise resulting from a Management Buy-Out from SIEMENS AG. Started as a key automotive and industrial supplier for goods and products from Asian markets throughout the world, CIP transformed into a dynamic group of companies over the last decades. The CIP Group established a widespread and highly valued business network around the globe. The combination of strong strategic management approach and operative expertise for complex processes, has allowed CIP to flourish in performing in the global economic zones between Greater China to the European Union and across the globe. Propelled by a pioneering approach to develop businesses and following the success of the Siemens takeover, CIP achieved development by utilizing the pragmatic and target-oriented vision to grow.

Business Today

On the ground of our network and customer centric business models between China and the rest of the world, CIP develops innovative and sustainable business opportunities into high revenue companies in the fields of Industrial Supply Chain, Energy & Infrastructure, Micro e-Mobility and M&A Advisory.  As reliable Partner with our holistic understanding of customer needs and global markets, our conscious use of resources and exploitation of business potentials we are leading into a sustainable future. Our global strategic management approach, our business efficiency and vast experience with international Joint Venture partnerships in globally renowned FORTUNE 500 organizations, are the key pillars of our development to a worldwide thriving group of companies.

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