Cleaning Consultancy Delft

About us

Cleaning Consultancy Delft BV (CCD) is an independent engineering and consultancy company in the industrial cleaning sector. With over twenty years' experience in the washing, testing and use of textiles, our knowledge of the washing industry is unparalleled. Our consultants advise on a wide range of topics in the field of industrial cleaning: from technology to quality, from microbiology to environmental. We have also developed, in recent years, several useful items of equipment, we offer specialized industry training and we do tailored research to order as well. Objective, practical and efficient.

CCD was established in 1991. In the early years, especially during our role as an independent advisor to the industrial cleaning sector, we were closely involved with the development of the ISO quality standard Certex (Certification for Textile Care). Over the years, CCD continued working in this area and expanded our areas to include textile, chemical cleaning, hygiene and environmental protection. Also we began to develop specialist measuring equipment and testing materials. Today we have 4 consultants in CCD, each with their own expertise and often a background at the TNO. Our customers come from all over Europe and even beyond. Regardless of these developments, we are still independent, and will always remain so. Thus we occupy a unique position among consultancies in our field – in fact we are the only independent consultancy in the Netherlands and Belgium.
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