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Clinerion Ltd - International Institute for the Safety of Medicines

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Clinerion enables early patient access to innovative treatments through solutions for clinical trial patient search and identification, real-world evidence, and market access. Clinerion's technology solution accelerates clinical research by radically improving the efficiency and effectiveness of trial recruitment. Clinerion’s key patient data services include data-assisted protocol optimization, site feasibility evaluation and patient identification. Clinerion’s solutions allow member hospitals to participate in leading-edge, industry-sponsored trials and save time in patient recruitment. They enable pharmaceutical companies to gain time and save costs by streamlining operations and leveraging strategic intelligence. Clinerion’s proprietary Big Data analytics technologies leverage real-time data from electronic health records which remain under the full control of participating hospitals. Clinerion's solutions comply with international patient privacy and data security regulations. Clinerion is a global data technology service company headquartered in Switzerland.