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Condition Monitoring Technologies

CMT is a specialised manufacturer for on-line and on-site condition monitoring solutions. Our equipment enables onsite engineers to make on the spot informed decision helping with the daily maintenance job.

CM Technologies helps prevent unplanned breakdown and maximise plant availability. There are various different on-the-run tools available for condition monitoring:

  • Condition monitoring for operating fluids (lubricants, fuel, water / on-site or in a lab)
  • Vibration Analysis, Acoustic Emission or Sound
  • Monitoring physical properties (speed, rpm, temperature, pressure, power ....)

Most of the condition monitoring technologies can be used as online or offline version whereas both variants do not provide the same results.

The best solution is often a combination of two or three of the condition monitoring tools, but it depends very much on the type of your condition monitoring equipment you have in use, the criticality of that equipment, the running conditions (speed, rpm, temperature ...) of your equipment, and how perceptive your organization is to training.

CMT can offer you a complete solution as on- or offline system. We are pleased to help you finding the right solution.

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