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With domestic and global freight transportation options and cost structures becoming increasingly complicated, freight bill processor, auditor and advisor Data2Logistics focuses efforts to provide up-to-date, marketplace-based information with cost-saving freight bill auditing actions. Combined, these services are positioned to benefit both inbound and outbound shippers operating domestically and internationally with a multifaceted, ongoing approach to optimize freight transportation and related cost savings.

The information component furnishes analytical tools for data mining of timely, actionable information, allowing domestic and international shippers to make more informed decisions on carrier options, along with associated rates, fees and accessorial charges, as well as identifying opportunities, weaknesses and threats. Data2Logistics provides a single source solution allowing users to report on virtually any data element for any market their company serves. Users can create reports that provide insightful information about carrier usage by lane, volume, average cost per pound and service type.

The action aspect reveal actual costs associated freight shipping, identifying costly errors and inefficiencies, resulting in savings realized. Data2Logistics’ pre-audit and payment solutions reveals time and money costs by receiving on client’s behalf freight invoices from utilized freight transportation carriers electronically (scanning any paper documents, creating uniformity), pre-auditing for rates, liability and service performance and duplicate billing, coding and chargeback for non-compliant transactions. Additionally, Data2Logistics’ offerings include payment processing for convenience and ease of client’s financial management. Closing the payment loop ensuring maximized savings, Data2Logistics’ preforms post-payment auditing, moving quickly to thoroughly review invoices and bills of lading from carriers to identify rate errors, duplicate billings, commodity classification, accessorial charge and discount errors, as well as discovery of any unique circumstance that prove opportunistic for clients.

Data2Logistics’ services assist organization’s logistics, supply chain, operations, finance and accounting staff, providing information needed to control costs for all modes of transportation for companies who ship products domestically and internationally via LTL, TL, parcel, overnight express, ocean, air and rail carriers. Having a full service operation in Rotterdam, Netherlands since 2004 enables Data2Logistics to support rapidly expanding companies throughout the EMEA and APAC, with staff attuned to local cultures and unique business environments.

Data2Logistics assists Global 1000, Fortune 1000 and SMB companies to reduce their shipping costs by providing an outsourced opportunity to efficiently process, audit, account code and pay their freight at a significantly lower cost than internal processes. Clients also benefit from the identification of more carrier overcharges than their internal systems can identify. The company provides actionable information to better manage and control transportation cost, and supports clients with their carrier bid preparation, benchmarking, proposal analysis and negotiation. As a single source of information for all modes of transportation on a global basis, Data2Logistics identifies and reports opportunities for savings and the reasons for variances in trends. Savings opportunities can be derived from modal shifts, consolidation of shipments, improved carrier utilization, and adjustment to shipment size, as well as monitoring accessorial costs. Reviewing over $15 billion worth of freight bills from thousands of carriers annually, the company provides a single-source solution results in savings averaging 5%-15% of product shipping expenditures per year.

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About Data2Logistics, LLC

Fort Myers, Florida-based Data2Logistics is a leader in supply chain logistics, cost management and freight payment. The company’s Ship Smarter and Save capabilities assist hundreds of clients in the Global 1000, Fortune 1000 and SMB categories, processing hundreds of millions of freight bills annually, valued in excess of $15 billion, saving clients an average of 5%-15% of their product shipping expenditures per year.

As an eight-time recipient of Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 Logistics IT Service Providers, their data mining capabilities creates actionable information for current and ongoing shipping cost savings. The company is the only service provider to work with clients and carriers to eliminate billing errors from recurring and to continuously improve and optimize their logistics networks and expenditures, domestically and globally. +

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