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Dataglide ( is an all-in-one messaging and collaboration server designed for small to medium sized organizations.Dataglide Connect provides advanced email, calendaring and collaboration features across platforms supporting most popular desktop clients including Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, Apple Mail, Address Book and iCal, including the latest mobile devices.

Are you overwhelmed with all the choices in smartphones and syncing your email to your phone, your desktop computer and webmail? Dataglide is a powerful new hosted email service that can easily connect to your smartphone and maintains complete security and compliance.

Are you frustrated with the high cost of maintaining your Microsoft exchange server. Look to Dataglide to outsource your email,contacts, calendaring and collaboration at a fraction of the cost and you can sleep at night knowing your email is archived in the cloud.

Need to sync your e-mail with your smartphones? Worried about security or compliance issues? Are you looking for a lower cost email system that WORKS? Dataglide’s messaging and collaboration handles it easily, without the high cost of IT overhead, and connects with all of the popular smartphones.

Dataglide Connect includes the powerful Kerio WebMail for clientless access to full groupware and collaboration features via most popular browsers. Dataglide Connect bundles integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built-in archiving, automated backup and an easy admin interface, making it a perfect choice for any small to medium organization.

New features in Dataglide Connect include: Distributed Domain – manage a single email domain across multiple servers in different geographic locations; Full Web-based Administration – complete remote management from a web browser; CardDAV – native synchronization support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard Address Book; and New Mobile Device support – including Palm Pre, Nexus, Droid, G2, and HTC Hero.

Dataglide powered by Kerio Connect is the leading mobile messaging and groupware choice for small to medium sized organizations. Kerio Connect supports the Exchange ActivSync protocol delivering over-the-air built-in push email, wireless groupware data synchronization, and remote wipe capabilities for most popular smartphones and smartphone operating systems including Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile phones, Nokia E/N Series devices, and the latest WebOS and Android 2.0 based phones. Blackberry synchronization is supported with AstraSync or NotifySync for Dataglide Connect. Visit