DAUtec GmbH

About us

You can start DAUtec's corporate video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJME-FMdF1w

Mission Statement

DAUtec GmbH is a limited company engaged in the aerospace industry and offers services in the areas of Aerospace Test & Qualification Services, Process Reengineering & Aerospace Consulting as well as Flight Accident Investigation.

DAUtec GmbH provides high-quality work/solutions at attractive prices with cutting edge know-how for its customers.

Competence, professionalism and intensive personal consultation are the fundamental principles on which our customers rely. Absolute reliability and quality are established axioms in modern aviation, which are based on thorough development and the corresponding qualification tests.

Passing on this philosophy and our business experience to innovative young entrepreneurs within the scope of active consultation and support is one of the most important maxims of our ethical conduct.

Our customers rely on us due to our expertise, professionalism and the personal service we offer. Excellent reliability and quality are musts in today's air travel and depend on thorough development procedures and the qualification tests that go with them.

We have the know-how and experience necessary to accompany you from the first stages of development through production and right up to authorization. We can develop individual test plans or assist you in coordinating entire test programmes. We can prepare all the necessary documentation (Qualification Plan, Qualification Test Procedure, Test Report and Design Analysis), as well as coordinate and monitor all the necessary laboratory tests.

Our test service includes consulting services and conducting of all tests required for Aerospace Tests, Qualification Tests, Re-qualification Tests for civil and military Airborne Equipment (ABE), as well as Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE). Our services includes testing and consulting, especially in the areas of:

•Environmental Simulation
•Lightning Protection

We conduct tests according to the following specifications:

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