About us

It's a fact: you use delfort products every day. When you unpack a hamburger at a fast food restaurant, read the leaflet of your medicine or light a cigarette, there is a chance that you are holding a product made by us. The numerous applications of our functional and speciality papers are a fixture in everyone's daily lives.

If you are interested in challenging projects in an international environment, then delfort is the company for you. We are a team of more than 3,200 employees who run subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our people with diverse nationalities take pride in our mix of cultures and range of experience and perspectives that come with being part of an international family.

We stand for empathy, creativity, performance and collaboration. We are pioneers striking new paths, pressing forward in the spirit of innovation. Our understanding of each player in our diverse group builds the foundation of collaboration in its purest form. The results are out of this world!

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