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Digital Technology Poland

About us

In 2013 Digital Technology Poland (DTP) was founded as an innovation service company of digital and engineering experts which covers the complete stages of value chain of digital technology innovation.

DTP is an R&D and innovation house, located less than 2 hours’ drive from Berlin. The company gathers young talents and top experts with over 20 years of international experience in advanced, multimillion business projects. DTPoland provides computer engineering - software & hardware - services to market leaders, discovers and develops new technologies and simplifies people’s daily life.

DTPoland provides ICT / expert engineering, Software & Hardware services in the following industries: Automotive, Digital media, Energy, Health care, Smart Home / City / Factory, Consumer electronics.

Including the following areas:

- Software development,

- Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning,

- Cloud solutions / Web technologies / Software as a Service (SaaS),

- Intelligent robots,

- Real-time Big Data -> Advanced algorithms -> Smart Data,

- Embedded Systems, Hardware technology,

- Trusted & Secure solutions,

- Advanced test automation,

- Simulations & Mathematical modeling,

- Mobile service solutions,

- Multimedia services, Infotainment & Digital TV,

- Augmented Reality applications.


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