DYMO Engineering

About us

DYMO Engineering provides mechanical engineering services, experienced in: product design, mould design, stamping die’s, machines, and assembly tools.

We provide product design, for consumer products and for technical products, always from  a technical point of view. This activities we do with a background and a extensive experience in mould design, die design and assembly machine-design. We have the ability to guide the complete process of product development: from idea up to and including production (turnkey projects).

In mould design has DYMO Engineering extensive experience in:

·         Injection moulds:

-          Plastic

          -          Aluminium

          -          Precision casting (lost wax)

          -          Structural foam moulding or low-pressure injection moulding

          -          Insert moulding

          -          Over moulding of cables etc.

          -          2+ component moulding

          -          Spin stack moulds

          -          Hot melt moulds

·         Thermoform moulds


DYMO Engineering has also extensive experience in designing stamping die’s:

·         Thickness range:  0,05 - 6 mm

·         Materials:

           -          Steel

           -          Stainless steel

           -          Spring steel

           -          High tension steel

           -          Phosphor bronze

           -          Plastic

·         Development of stamping die’s:

            -          Progressive die’s

            -          Bending die’s

            -          Cutting/trimming die’s

            -          Deep drawing die’s

            -          Insert-die’s

            -          Die’s for plastic and aluminium

            -          Die’s for lead frames


In the field of machine engineering we are experienced in:

·         Machines for food

·         Production machines

·         Refrigeration compressors

·         Assembly machines

·         Sorting machines

·         Compressors for industrial refrigeration

·         Hydraulic devices

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