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Dynamic Biosensors GmbH

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Dynamic Biosensors offers solutions for molecular interaction analysis and beyond. Our proprietary switchSENSE technology is the first and only dynamic biosensor on the market and provides unrivaled analytical content and sensitivity. Due to its unique DNA switching principle switchSENSE is ideal for antibody analysis and characterization of DNA-binding proteins.Our customers are scientists from major pharma and biotech companies as well as first-class research institutions.

The switchSENSE technology is based on a regenerable biochip with 24 electrodes in 4 flow channels. Short DNA strands are tethered to the electrodes. On their upper end, the DNA molecules are functionalized with your molecule of interest to form the probes of the system. Via these ligands or capture molecules, the probes can bind specific target proteins, e.g. the corresponding antibody. In contrast to all other biosensors the switchSENSE system is dynamic: the probes are actively moved (“switched”) on the chip surface by applying alternating voltages to the electrodes. This switching movement of the probes can be tracked using an optical method, as one of the DNA strands (but neither ligand nor analyte) is labeled with a fluorophore. The movement of the DNA strands is very sensitive to changes in size/shape of the probes. These changes can be monitored with our optical reading device in real time, providing information about

  • interaction kinetics (binding parameters, affinity constants, avidity effects, etc)
  • protein size (hydrodynamic diameter) and shape
  • protein aggregations and fragmentations
  • protein folding and unfolding
  • chemical modifications (e.g. phosphorylations, glycosylations, ubiquitinylation, etc)
  • conformational changes
  • charge and thermodynamic parameters, etc.

Thus, switchSENSE eliminates additional cost‐ and labor‐intensive analytic steps while at the same time providing unique insights into binding mechanisms.

Dynamic Biosensors is a young and dynamic technology company based in Munich, Germany. We are an enthusiastic and diverse team of scientists that combine their scientific and business experience with entrepreneurial thinking.