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ecoNOVATEcommunity driven innovation

Incubator creativity platform for SMEs, start-ups & communities, designed for entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs in the creative, culture & tourism sectors

Making communities & business human again!


Inspire people, in harmony with the planet for balanced progress!

Building your dreams towards communities that thrive!

Promoting entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, SMEs & community cooperatives!


ecoNOVATE is geared to provide the means to grow their potentials, creative innovation and effective leadership in moving from surviving to thriving within their targeted communities.


Through community engagement, mentoring, coaching and participation, we inspire and empower individuals to take an active role in realizing solutions towards thriving communities, rather than merely complaining or being complacent about it. They contribute their share by participating in collaborative efforts to advance their community towards building a strong, healthy and economically secure society. We focus on orchestrating the ecosystems that facilitate collaboration, converge knowledge into practice and mobilize ecosystems driven by people’s capacity to co-design, co-create and co-develop, connecting participants in their ecosystem.


Through CAPixexpanding horizons, ecoNOVATE extends its role as a mobilizer in change facilitation to the corporate and public sectors, to connect and collaborate in order to unlock the collective knowledge of the ecosystems they represent or operate in, moving from competition to collaboration. ecoNOVATE enables their teams to embrace new challenges, become part of the transformation, rather than simply being impacted by it, migrate to and integrate to new socio-economic models, supply chain concepts and marketing strategies, including Whole Systems Transformation, Appreciative Inquiry and Organizational Development. Providing winning strategies for companies and governments to adapt to and position themselves successfully for the future.


Enticing people, their PASSIONS & CAPACITIES

•     Leaders and community builders of tomorrow

•     Anyone with passion and/or skills to initiate entrepreneurship or community leadership & building

•     Enterprises embracing new socio-economic models and marketing strategies


Dream-2-Destiny Journey from appreciating to creating

1.           Discover and walk the positive road

2.           Dream and imagine what could be

3.           Design what should be (ideal)

4.           Deliver what will be creating the future



•     spiritual connected: connection between self and self

•     social connected: connection between self and others

•     ecological connected: connection between self and nature

Visit and participate in the dialogue on our CoP/Think-tank around community based businesses and articles from around the globe on entrepreneurship and new socio-economic models that make communities and business human again.



Global creativity initiatives:

ARTconnectsLIFE – art connects people, creativity connects life

·        ARTronomy art & gastronomy touring, more than the traditional holiday

Enjoy hospitality with leisure, entertainment, gastronomy and arts

·        Pop-UP casainnovative trends in flash retail

·        Fruit4Thought passion for fruit! fruit with passion!

·        @ARTpreneurs weaving arts & creativity


Co-creation and realization by:

ecoNOVATE community driven innovation

ViVaTicA ideas for life! soul of life! 

Creativity project development initiatives:

CebuARTSdistrict creativity, design & passion inspired

Mobilizing the different groups, organizations and individuals
engaged in the full scope of the art disciplines in and around

Cebu, Visayas, Philippines.

Sugbo Creative Village Center for the Arts & Design


Arts & creatives lifestyle festivals (Cebu, Philippines):

CEBUwonderRainforest – Cebuano culture, creativity & arts

taste.CEBU – experience island flavors


Other Cebu-based creativity projects:

•       KWiKworx – craft innovative ideas

•       Young Thespians of CebuLet's make theatre more vibrant in Cebu!

•       Trio E’s Diseños Inc.nature inspired furniture & interior designs

•       Bisai Art discover Visayan creativity

•       Contempo Art Gallery – contemporary fine art by Filipino painters

•       88° Coffee Shopa blend of coffee and art

•       District 53rd – food, wine, art & leisure foodhall

•       F.o.J band | Violet Lee Hyunvibrant passions entertained!

•       Music in Motion

+ various lectures on environment, creativity & arts, entrepreneurship, new socio-economic models for Cebu Normal University, University of San Carlos, University of the Visayas, MCDCB