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About us

Evolution Studio is a company that provides a full spectrum of IT services in mobile apps development, software and web development, and game production. We work on projects of different size and complexity. Our team consists of  experienced managers, certified programmers and award-winning designers. The goal of our company is the production of high-quality programming products, the ability to make a profit for our clients, and meet the specific needs of end-users.

Our team starts the development of an IT product from an understanding of the clients’ business needs and goals in order to facilitate their future success. The key points  for creating any product are an innovative approach and professional expertise. We believe that the basic concept  of a really successful project involves not only proficiency and experience, but passion, inspiration and originality.

Designing an application is  our life’s work full of opportunities to use professional knowledge. We take every chance  to implement creative ideas and innovative vision to produce, develop, and deliver outstanding products.

During work on a project we become a part of it, and we, together with our clients, are deeply involved in the process of making it perfect. We work hard starting from your ambitious ideas, developing and implementing them, and  finishing with the worldwide distribution stage of the ready product. Our team is ready to become your IT-technology partner and professional adviser, controlling and supervising the whole project. We believe that the effectiveness of the work process brings comfort and satisfaction into our collaboration.

Through Studio representative offices in Europe and in the USA we try to spread our attitude, standards and vision to clients all over the world.

Our clients and partners are world leading brands, governmental organizations, as well as startups with huge potential.

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