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Über uns

Who are we?

Finc3 is a startup based in Hamburg, Germany. The company is run by an experienced management team with a track record of success in the online industry. We have helped sites like,, be2, C-Date and many more to grow their business substantially.

Why are we here?

We believe in convenience as the next big driver in the online industry. The first wave of web products was about publishing information. The second wave was about enabling users to communicate, shop and share in more sophisticated ways. But while this allowed us to accomplish more tasks than ever, using a multitude of web services has also become a complex burden. We are here to turn complexity into convenient experiences.

What are we working on?

We are building products for a more convenient web. We automate tedious manual tasks through algorithms and provide great user experiences across devices. We utilize a stack of innovative web technologies, like node.js, NoSQL databases and social media APIs across our projects.