Forentec GmbH

About us

ForenTec is a Swiss based firm which specialises in IT forensics and eDiscovery with many years of experience in the design, implementation and management of national and international IT forensic and eDiscovery projects of various sizes and within different industries. ForenTec has the practical know-how to meet the variety of technical and regulatory challenges that may arise in the context of such sensitive projects. Our aim is to offer our clients pragmatic solutions derived from innovative approaches and based on a transparent and fair price model in the shortest possible time. 

Our services provide forensic analyses of computer systems, network communications or mobile and other electronic devices such as smartphones, tracking systems (GPS), tablet PCs and USB sticks. ForenTec uses highly specialised technologies and tools that belong to the market-leading products in their particular field. 

Our main services include: 
-Device imaging 
-Device analysis 
-eDiscovery / Review 
-Log file analysis 
-Recovery of data 
-Restoration of backups 
-Decryption of data
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