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FTDC is an independent consulting company based in Munich, Germany. With our expertise we try to close the information gaps for those who want to invest in Flight Simulation for different purposes, whether for business, training or for pure enjoyment. You benefit from our knowledge we have gathered mainly in the field of fixed-base simulators to be qualified under the regulations of the FAA FTD Level5/6 respectively under JAA regulations as FNPTI & II according to JAR-FSTD A. Our experience is not only limited to regulatory affairs, but also we have experience in business administration, project management & logistics, expecially related to the field of Flight Simulation.

Newly, FTDC is specialised in Quality Systems for FTO/ TRTO & FSTD-Operators as the request for assistance is increasing and Quality Systems are a not-to-neglect factor in the approval process.

Why Flight Training Devices are beneficial…

Nowadays, “Flight Simulation Training Devices” or simply called “Flight Simulators” are a not-to-neglect training option within flight training and education in the commercial aviation business.

* Normal and abnormal procedures of flight operation can be trained without putting the crew and aircraft at risk.
* Particular training scenarios can be trained over and over again without timeloss due to quick-repositioning functions and computer controlled attitude presets as well as not being distracted by radio communication, traffic or other sources during daily flight operation.
* A simulator can be used 24/7 and is weather independent as it is a facilitated training device.
* Your training can be conducted cost-efficiently. FTDs save aircraft fuel and maintenance hours and run cheaply on electricity.
* If you have ordered an aircraft of a particular type and have FTDs already in place, the “aircraft” can be flown and trained on before even the first real aircraft is delivered!
* Training Devices of lower levels such as FTDs Level 5 and 6 can be purchased at very low prices compared to Full Flight Simulators, whereas their level of technology and flight modelling already can be very close to each other.
* Last but not least, lower occupation of airspace and slots for training on real aircraft as well as saving fuel, thus reducing CO2 and pollution are further benefits, which support FTDs as the training method for the future.

Because of the low maintenance and operating costs of such devices in comparison with any aircraft, FSTDs are the perfect addition to your flight training. As the need for well-trained pilots will increase over the next decades, flight training becomes more and more important. The record-breaking innovations in the simulation technology, simulators are definitely the future!

Why Quality Systems are beneficial…

Quality Systems (QS) are often considered a burden to daily Flight School- & FSTD – operation. Even more so, because a Quality System is now mandatory for getting your FTO/ TRTO approval as well as your FSTD qualification. Unfortunately, the brighter, beneficial side of introducing a Quality System is often neglected.

A Quality System can provide you with the following benefits:

* Ensure that your FTO/ TRTO & related aircraft & FSTDs are maintained to the highest standards.
* Ensure that the system can be tailored to the FTO/ TRTO/ FSTD-Operators needs.
* That all QS system related knowledge and documentation is accessible to all staff members, ergo every employee has the same knowledge base.
* Information is quickly accessible, even in emergency situations.
* According JAA-regulations, an extension of the evaluation periods of up to 36 months can be granted if a QS is implemented among other minor requirements. This will save you money and time!
* The introduction of a Quality System rises the annual revenues by 10% in average!

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