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From Switzerland, Loepfe Brothers Ltd. with its optical yarn clearers has revolutionized quality control in the textile industry. Today, Loepfe is the world-wide leading manufacturer and solution partner for electronic online quality assurance systems. Machine manufacturers as well as spinning mills and weaving mills around the globe use Loepfe technology from Switzerland. They know what to expect: Innovation at top level, quality made in Switzerland.

Spinning Solutions

Loepfe guarantees 100% quality monitoring for winding and open-end spinning mills.
The quality of Loepfe YarnMaster yarn clearers is unique. They ensure reliability and top efficiency in online classification of faults. The universally usable sensors detect smallest faults and achieve reliable results under all production conditions. One sensing head is sufficient for covering a large yarn count range.

Laboratory Solutions

Loepfe’s laboratory test instruments follow a new ground-breaking philosophy.
Loepfe made the lab processes more efficient by integrating various textile test procedures in one laboratory system – with regard to time, resources and result analysis. Loepfe thereby meets the demand for more efficiency in textile laboratories. The all-in-one-principle of Loepfe LabMaster automates the complete test procedure, reduces space requirements, maintenance, service and operator staff.

Weaving Solutions

Loepfe is accredited supplier of all well-known weaving machine manufacturers.
Loepfe’s WeftMaster sensors are the leading technology and always sets new standards. Loepfe develops tailor-made overall solutions for machine manufacturers that ensure 100% weft thread insertion. Thanks to Loepfe know-how and Loepfe master technology, weaving mills have their production under control.

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