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Globcal International

Über uns

Globcal International is an apolitical non-state, non-governmental cooperative startup venture involving a collectively managed commercial and non-commercial private investment infrastructure formed understanding maritime law, international treaties, and offshore banking laws.  

Our office in Vienna, Austria (Wien) was developed as our international post office (IPO) and point of contact (POC) for members of our fellowship and owners of our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). As a non-state actor and non-governmental organization our presence is only recognized through specially recognized and authorized independent representatives as goodwill ambassadors and global citizens or through the formation of a chapter or embassy. 

Globcal International is an unincorporated international vessel that is authorized by its own individual members to become engaged in the development of sustainable projects with indigenous self-governing societies who own or sovereignly control cultural, ecological and tribal destinations.

Our organization is involved with the accumulation of assets and funds to create sustainable ecological educational institutions that protect and preserve our natural environments, biodiversity, natural areas, water resources and enhance ecosystem services.

From 2013-2015 our organization used membership patronages (cooperative stakeholder share) of less than 50,000€ plus the work of members to behold today land and assets valued in excess of 5 million Euro. Our gem is an ecological village located in the Northern Amazon next to the territorial reservations of two indigenous tribes.  Currently we are working there to begin a consultation and training program for our neighbors to help them better manage their natural resources.