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HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

HHL's history

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management’s history and tradition is a story of pioneering success that goes back to the 19th century. Leipzig’s entrepreneurs realized the need of educating business men to prepare them for the upcoming changes and challenges in a world becoming more globalized with its international trade. The foundation of Handelshochschule Leipzig in 1898 marks the birthplace of management education and is the first business administration faculty in German-speaking countries. Since those early days, the “honorable merchant” is recognized in the school’s emblem. Eugen Schmalenbach is one of the Handelshochschule first and most prominent alumni, also well-known as the founder of today’s business administration as an academic field in science and research.

Facts & Figures

  • 750+ students in 6 programs
  • 60+ nationalities on campus
  • 2500+ alumni in 10+ chapters
  • 300+ start-ups, 5 unicorns
  • 130+ partner universities

Study programs

Everything we stand for and everything we do, is designed to master your personal and professional future.

Every journey starts with a single first step. Get prepared with HHL at your side. Discover HHL’s master programs: https://www.hhl.de/programs/

Executive Education

State-of-the-art management programs
for executive talents

In the department of HHL Executive Education, we support your executives and managers with the expansion of their business expertise and with strengthening their management skills by offering hands-on advanced training programs and seminars.
Our executive management programs and seminars are based on the latest scientific findings and are characterized by a vast amount of practical exercises to impart your executives in a workshop-like atmosphere.

Get to know the programs: hhl.de/programs/executive-education/

HHL's imprint

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