High Five Health Promotion Deutschland

About us

High Five Health Promotion operates in more than 60 corporate fitness and wellbeing centres in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. We specialise in the personalised design and management of on-site fitness facilities and delivery of a wide range of wellbeing services, including programmes, workshops and opportunities for employees to enhance their health, fitness and vitality. In the Netherlands High Five also offers a wide network of gyms which can be used as an out-of-company offering, enhancing the sports, fitness and wellbeing solution provided to employees.

Our aim

We focus on our goal - to get more people moving - with passion and conviction. And we have been doing so since 1988. High Five continues to grow; we now have more than 1200 affiliated fitness centres in the Netherlands and work together with hundreds of organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. We also have a team of over 220 dedicated professionals, with whom we share our drive: we truly believe that we can help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. 


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