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 hopeeg Centers specializes in working with individuals who suffer from addiction treatment  issues and mental health , depression , anxiety, grief and loss syndrome and addictive diseases and also to deal with individuals who suffer from setbacks, and perhaps they have not been successful in other treatment programs .

 Foundation works of hope in the establishment and management of hospitals and treatment centers and the role of convalescence and outreach centers and provide different levels of accommodation tourist hotel and provide the latest treatments for addiction pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy , also the Hope Foundation and experts from its British to provide and establish a modern model and is ideal for units Addiction Treatment at the highest technical level and my performance and professional services in the detoxification and treatment and rehabilitation for all types of addiction at the highest level of specialization and structuring, credit and better standards of quality and care .

The  hopeeg Centers Foundation organized overlap our British system harmonious where will the company Invicta health care and company Brit med health care to provide perspective for the formation of the ideal units Addiction Treatment , and structure and determine the resources required in terms of the requirements of the buildings and the internal organization and employment levels and protocols safety and Albrockulat Albaraklinikih and management according to the quality specifications for the adoption of the British .

 The hop world with representatives of the British Royal College and founder Kinord and a group of Englishmen Specialists develop clinical protocols and therapeutic pharmacological and psychological conformity with the guidelines of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence England as protocols based on a comprehensive approach to treatment for addiction specialist .

Hope Foundation also offers the latest therapeutic programs in therapeutic communities and most effective rehabilitation of patient addiction to deal with life without drug abuse through several programs NES programs include therapeutic group and individual is different. The Foundation also the work of the schools and conferences , training courses, workshops in various areas of addiction and different treatment methods and psychiatry and cognitive-behavioral therapy and proud of our organization through collaboration with the University of Leeds and the University of British Kent in Britain in providing courses and Schools certified in addiction Studies and cognitive Psychology behavioral across studies in England and across courses and schools in the Middle East or across the technology of visual communication as Imkna coordinate scientific exchange and training with more than five British universities ancient and also of the Royal College of Psychiatry branch of addiction and the Institute of Medicine psychological London.

 And also the centers hope to organize conferences and workshops for outreach programs of various individuals , communities and institutions most vulnerable to these diseases and diseases associated with our contribution in helping the community to improve in these areas we are working collectively and continuously to adopt and implement the best ways therapeutic , medical and hotel services , employment, community Guest We guarantee that get our customers the best personalized care in a safe and healthy environment . we take pride in maintaining the highest quality of care in an environment of healthy , comfortable and convenient supervised by a team of older workers in the field of addiction and specialized elite of doctors , consultants and therapists , trainers and nurses and specialists in the field of addiction and therapeutic communities team includes elite addicted uninfected and obtaining certification in addictive behaviors to achieve the goals of treatment successfully and professionally and to achieve the desired goals .

Also we are now in the process of cooperation with the Arab League on the work of a voluntary program specialist for refugees and war casualties and psychological problems and the effects of post- trauma for Aúgen Arabs and war casualties in the Arab world can also Hope Foundation in collaboration with its partners, political coordination at the government level between the United Kingdom and others to support the efforts Governments and institutions working in the field in achieving the strategy to confront this disease and coordination of work in the field of education and training , treatment and take advantage of the various techniques of British , American and transported and relocated to serve the therapeutic process and awareness and educational and scientific research and the creation of a strategic vision of a society free of addiction and diversion addicted to the nucleus productive and effective in the community and create a cadre of good work in the field to make them the nucleus for future work .