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The Austrian HOTELINVEST group is specialised in the mediation of hotel real estate as an investment, the assessment and consultation with hotel transactions as well as in the management of hotel-assets. The CEO Thomas Wührer is a certified hotel manager and holds master degrees in marketing and management. His background is an established hotel owner's dynasty from Bad Gastein. This origin stamps the enterprise and his philosophy is to guarantee his customers and the numerous international contracts full service, knowledge, experience and the personal passion for the subject of the hotel business.

For Mr. Wührer a trusting cooperation long before and after the real transaction is essential. As an engaged service provider, he and his enterprise see themselves as “solver of problems” all around the special segment of hotel real estate. With a team of experts (lawyers, tax advisors, book keepers, notaries), HOTELINVEST provides full service and guides the potential buyer through the whole process of acquiring and managing a hotel.

Mr. Wührer knows the successful factors of hotels and recognises possible weak spots in their concept; he sees unexploited potentials, such as location and substance. On the other side the special demands of the investment market are familiar to him for this form of special real estate. 


⇨ Search of hotel real estate for investors
⇨ Search for investors who want to invest in hotels
⇨ Mediation of hotel real estate
⇨ Mediation of hotel management companies
⇨ Consultation and assessment all around the transaction process
⇨ If requested: Intercalation of specified network partners for juridical, questions according the tax law and finance constructions
⇨ Full service asset management of the real estate

Enterprise overview:

⇨ Founded in 2010 by Thomas Wührer, CEO and sole shareholder
⇨ Offices:  Salzburg and Vienna
⇨ total transaction volume since foundation: a total of 8 hotels with 505 rooms for 72.6 million €
⇨ Current offer continuance: 40 objects with a volume of approx. 320 million €
⇨ Current number of the objects under the asset management of the HOTELINVEST group: 3
⇨ Current volume spectrum: from 2 million € (resorthotel, 28 rooms in Austria) to 110 million € (Istanbul, Turkey)
⇨ Topical land spectrum (cake graphics: Austria, Germany, Spain, other Europe, other offers worldwide)
⇨ Yields: with lease contract or hybrid contract: 6-7% p.a., with own management: 8 - 10% p.a.
⇨ Clients: Hotel owners/-operators; institutional investors; family office; wealthy private individuals


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