incuda GmbH

About us

At incuda we believe that data helps to drive change, and that data supports us to make better decisions every day.

incuda provides a Business Intelligence (BI) platform and expertise for retailers and support them to go from data insights to full governance of strategy, tactics and operations. We enable fast change from a traditional retail business to data-driven business. 

We help our clients to stay focused on business by handling end-to-end BI transition, data integration and BI operations. Our customers benefit from our platform that is 100% multi-channel retail focused, and can provide the right information in the right time to make better decisions, save time and money while creating a streamlined business.

Today incuda is comprised of an international team of creative minds from 15 different countries. We are all very curious, supportive and working together to break the borders of BI.

Contact us for more information: , +49 152 3363 6683 .


Specialties: Business intelligence, data warehousing, Data integration, meta data, dashboarding, reporting, visualisation, data warehousing, advanced analytics, KPI measurements, data science, E-commerce, multi-channel retailing.

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