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Innodox Technologies

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Innodox was founded in 1998 as a member of the PrintSoft Group, and since its inception it has been dedicated to one single effort: providing document expertise.

The origins of the company trace back to large volume, printshop-independent output management solutions, where Innodox has accumulated an unparalleled knowledge during the years. Step by step, the series of projects at financial, utility and other companies extended our horizons with dozens of input and output formats, integration options, multiple electronic and delivery channels, quality assurance, marketing campaign management, workflow capability, to arrive to a full-scale Customer Communication solution.

FlowLogic is the fruit of this track record: an industrial grade platform to provide modular, unified approach to operational effectiveness, cross-channel communication consistency and quality, legal and business compliance. Most importantly, it is the tool that puts business in control over technology.

Saperion, the Gartner* –listed ECM solution was an important addition to our portfolio. We not only built the largest Saperion archive in the world (with over 1.5 billion documents), but also offer full-featured Enterprise Content Management systems and expertise.

In 2014 we decided to strengthen our international presence through rebranding both our German and Hungarian entities to Innodox.

Hermina út 17, Budapest 1146, HUNGARY (map)
tel.: +36 1 471 9664 | fax: +36 1 471 9665
registry no.: 01-09-685130 |  tax no.: 11956905-2-42

INNODOX Technologies Germany GmbH 
Am Zirkus 6, 10117 Berlin (map)
tel.: + 49 30 50566750 | fax: + 49 30 50566751
HRB 105743 B, Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg 
tax no.:  DE252420529

+36 1 471 9658 | +36 20 2999189