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Über uns

We are a young, dynamic and multi-cultural/lingual team with a fresh outlook on the world around us. 
Being based in Luxembourg is not a coincidence: it is one of those rare places where one looks at the outside world with an extreme openness and can reap the benefits of the resulting creativity. 

Finding the right speaker for the right event can be very challenging. This is our profession, thus by using Inspiring-Speaker it will be quicker and easier for you to find your perfect speaker. 

Working with us will enable you to not only find those “known excellent speakers” but also those undiscovered speakers, those “hidden gems” not represented anywhere else – we will find them for you! 

At Inspiring-Speaker we provide an equal platform for women as well as for men. We aim to achieve 50% of both genders as speakers – equality is for us essential. We are the world’s 1st speaker’s bureau aiming at equal opportunities for female and male speakers. To achieve this we carefully preselect our speakers according to their achievements, passion and gender. 

Just contact our creative team! It is easier, quicker and definitely less expensive!