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ITCrowd has a laser-sharp focus on providing value-added services for you in Data Management, Data Processing, Customer Management and Custom Development by simplifying your business processes making us your trusted partner in Business Process Management. 

Our team also builds and runs the IT platforms that power our knowledge-driven, outcome-oriented CRM, marketing and F&A business solutions for you as our client. 

We help our clients to manage their mobile resources optimally through integrating mobile and social technologies into their strategy and business processes and tighten their relationship with their clients. We also help them to personalize their relationship with the customers, improve customer experience and continuously improve their deployment in the field. 

We offer wide-ranging set of intelligent assets and continually develop a robust set of repetitive tasks to reduce costs and improve speed and quality. We move to intelligence by applying smarter business acumen more extensively throughout the life cycle of the application, analyzing, prioritizing and generating automatically. 

ITCrowd is partnering with our clients’ business to translate IT savings to advantage. We then bring knowledge, insights and innovations to help the client to scale and respond more quickly to their toughest challenges and to capture best opportunities. 

Our clients are ICT enabled public and private organizations, ranging from telecommunications service providers to emergency and law enforcement agencies. 

What are the results for our clients? Reduced costs, stabilized, optimized and improved processes and maximized customer business value.


Software development, Web and mobile applications, Custom software solutions, Near-shore outsourcing, Business Process Management, Mobile technology, DBA Services, Quality Assurance, Social Media, Data Management, Data Processing

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