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JKV Global Sourcing Solutions GmbH

About us

As a procurement specialist, one of the key challenges you face is sourcing from the right suppliers who optimize cost without compromising on product quality, specification and delivery time. With options spread all over the globe, finding your ideal supplier is easier said than done. From procuring raw materials to end of machine life, our unique GMSS (Global Metalworking Supplier Sourcing) platform covers your whole metalwork product life cycle, all under one roof.

With JKV at your side, you don’t have to scatter your time across multiple country-specific portals to identify and manage your procurement. We bring to your hand, a global key portal through which you can send enquiries to multiple vendors across the globe, just in few clicks. Check our portal on how choosing JKV can help you optimize your time and effort throughout your journey with us. Our services will stand by you until we witness the best of your bottom line.

Choose our pioneering global supplier sourcing platform to experience commercially profitable services that assure improved efficiency and to forge strategic partnerships

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JKV helps you and your PEOPLE with:

Global Metal Working Supplier Sourcing (GMSS) Directory
  • Optimize your time and effort by channelizing supplier and buyer liaison efficiently.
  • Engage with right partners who offer creative solutions and help raise your game.
  • Discover new opportunities, by taking part in competitive bidding. Use our Global Metal Working Supplier Sourcing (GMSS) Directory to get an end-to-end sourcing for your daily operational needs.
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Procurement Consulting

Consulting solutions for all your procurement needs. We study the complete process and tools, and optimally streamline.

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Buyers Knowledge Book (BKB)

Buyers Knowledge Book to bridge all the industrial knowledge gaps.

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