K3M Consult GmbH

About us

K3M  was founded in the year 2015 aimed at structuring projects, advising and financing investments for AFII and associated investors. The firm was launched to provide Infrastructure and Real Estate financial advisory services.

K3M  also provides under leadership of AFII several tailor made Structured Trade Finance Products and also advisory to companies on exotic equity and debt structuring besides supporting some to raise global mezzanine finance for leveraging promoter positions.

K3M   provides institutional  investors attractive investments through its strong partner network.

K3M  was established to serve own fund and third party fund with attractive investment opportunities to AFII and his associated investment partners and investment banks.

K3M and it´s partner AFII are anchoring global enterprises and supporting on ground project incubation that includes explaining the advantages of early stage involvement and entrance. in projects.

K3M  also supports developments and projects with investments, both equity and debt as may be required, for successful implementation and execution, and is also committed to engage itself for ultimate handover of all such projects to the investors.

K3M  is now in the process of further broad basing its activities, that will on one side help it in utilizing its knowledge of structured products to enhance returns for its investors, it would also enable a company or investor to harness its capabilities in development of other sectors like Real Estate and SMEs in Asia, East Europe and Africa, as well in South America.

K3M  has a dedicated and experienced team of senior professionals across functional disciplines. Its logistic spread of offices in Europe and Asia enables it to deliver a variety of interesting projects and transactions. Associated senior partners are located around the globe to assist at the required spot.



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