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Kenotom PC is an engineering services provider for embedded systems. We analyse, design, implement and verify source code for Electronic Control Units, we develop test automation solutions for MiL, SiL and HiL systems, we design and implement control and automation solutions, we act as third party inspectors in your  projects and support you in project management, process management and overall application lifecycle management.

Starting in 2014 in the automotive sector, we have already made our first steps in industrial automation and avionics, while the high customer satisfaction drives a rapid growth in all the sectors.

We empower our customers through our top technical qualification, flexibility, high availability and sense of responsibility. Our experience in the largest european automotive, aviation and telecommunication companies guarantees a deep understanding of your needs and processes. The minimal time difference to central europe and our skills in both English and German ensure effective and productive communication. Our positioning in Greece ensures minimal outsourcing risks due to cultural, geographical and political proximity, on site support whenever necessary and significantly reduced costs.