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LEANmade AG helps you maximize business value from (new) IT capabilities, while making sure that you, your company and your data stay private, secure and compliant.

New IT technologies & Trends offer a tremendous opportunity for your business to overcome existing limitations and to help innovate and create business models and new services. Exponential developments in Cloud technology, like Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Smart Contracts, Augmented Reality and Natural User Interfaces are catalysts that have the power to transform or even create entire industries.

At the same time organizations are confronted with ever increasing requirements around privacy, security and compliance in order to operate in these connected environments and remain a Trusted Organization.
As a result, these requirements add complexity to your projects and operations and can quickly become a significant blocker for innovation.

We want to make sure that you and your organization can focus your available resources on maximizing the benefits from new IT technologies & trends, while our team of senior experts will help you to make the best trust-based choices. Delivered simply as a monthly subscription service, this will ensure that you, your organization and your data stay private, secure and compliant at every turn, and as a result, will remain a Trusted Organization.