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Loba Feinchemie GmbH

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LOBA Feinchemie is a chemical company specialized in the process development of pharmaceutical chemicals and active ingredients. Exporting in over 85 countries, LOBA Feinchemie and its highly skilled employees offer a broad range of manufacturing services and high-quality products which have
been approved worldwide. We offer our clients a full traceability and detailed documentation, such as Drug Master Files, which guarantee the manufacturing of APIs according to internationally accreditedstandards. Our modern cGMP facilities and our stateof-the-art equipment allow us to perform extensive R&D and highly efficient process development as well as custom synthetic processes from the laboratory to large-scale production.
What‘s more:
We are flexible enough to supply you with products from less than 1 kg up to 5 mt.
Just ask us - and find out why the world‘s leading pharmaceutical companies trust LOBA Feinchemie.


Since 1957, Loba Feinchemie has been proud to deliver consistent high quality in all of its products. All our highly skilled employees are committed to
working with utmost responsibility and expertise from the selection of raw materials to the production of intermediates and APIs. Our R&D as well as ourproduction adhere to strict international standards and all finished products have to pass a final stability test prior to shipping. Together with our integrated quality management system, certified according toISO 9001, we are proud to be fully committed towards health, safety and the environment according to the Responsible Care Program. Regular approvals by the US-FDA and other accredited institutions further highlight our emphasis on quality. We manufacture everything from intermediates to fine chemicals and APIs and cover about 500 organic compounds. LOBA Feinchemie  dedicated to the highest quality.

We are inspected by the FDA, the Austrian Ministry of Health and other accredited institutions on a regular basis.

  • Quality assurance system certified according to ISO 9001
  • Responsible Care certified
  • Development and Production according to cGMP guidlines
  • Validation programs for development, upscale and quality control
  • Stability testing of final product
  • Permanent R&D efforts to improve the process and quality
  • Strict and systematic QC procedures in establishing the quality of the product
  • Education and training of employees to improve the quality
  • Adherence to cGMP norms as an integral part of the total quality management system
  • Development of environmental awareness among employees and adherence to pollution control norms