Locis GmbH

About us

Locis stands for "spatial experiance"!

Locis is an independant company, owned and managed by Christian Sorger and Felix Frischmann and located in Taufkirchen near Munich.
Christian and Felix are experts in software development, more specific in software architectures and algorithms for CAD, CAE and CAM solutions.

 Locis offers the following products and services:
  • CAD viewers and frameworks for engineering applications
  • Modelling solutions for free or parametric modelling approaches
  • Building information modelling (BIM) tools
  • Geometry cleanup and repair tools
  • Meshing algorithms (tri, quad, tet and hex meshing)
  • Robotics (CNC and other manufacturing techniques)
  • Simulation plugins (ANSYS) - Cloud solutions 
  •  License management systems
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