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Data Centers Europe

Part of German construction conglomerate Zech Group and further planning its roll-out across Europe, maincubes currently owns/operates large, uptime-focused colocation data centers strategically located in the main European Internet hubs of Amsterdam (Schiphol-Rijk), the Netherlands as well as Frankfurt, Germany.

Our German-engineered retail and wholesale facilities in Amsterdam and Frankfurt feature highly flexible and cost-effective data center services to co-locate your IT infrastructure. The comprehensive availability of telecom-carriers onsite is extended by secured cross-connect options with other colocation customers through the maincubes secureexchange.


maincubes’ German engineering approach and keen eye for data center technology details cater to the mission-critical IT-infrastructure availability needs of governments, SMEs and enterprises alike. What you may expect from our ‘German-engineered’ colocation data centers in Amsterdam and Frankfurt? Extremely redundant power and cooling setups; biometric security strengthened by personnel onsite 24/7; low PUE-figures for optimal data center energy-efficiency; and much more, including EN50600 and ISO 27001 certifications.

maincubes’ unique go-to-market approach attracts colocation customers ranging from CSPs, MSPs and SaaS-providers to systems integrators, ecommerce companies and for example DAX-listed organizations.

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