About us

MainFirst is a European financial services firm, specialising in equity brokerage and equity capital markets.

In equity brokerage we cover c. 350 predominantly European companies (targeting 450 stocks by the end of 2019) and support European and international institutional investors. We deliberately pursue a multi-local approach, with equity research and sales in the major financial centres in continental Europe as well as in London and New York. This affords us proximity to businesses and investors, which in turn enables us to take stronger views and establish closer contacts.

Our locations are Frankfurt, London, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris and Zurich.

We are successful thanks to the high level of competence, integrity and dedication of our about 160 employees, who are very clearly aligned with the mission to consistently provide superior returns for our customers. Character. For More Performance.

Independence has been a mainstay of our company from the outset. This is reflected in an independent research product for our institutional clients, independent advice from our equity capital markets team and, of course - in our own independence. 
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