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Your future-driven media management platform that connects all media processes to tackle your complexity challenge!

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Mercury Media Technology puts media agencies and advertisers into the fast lane with our pioneering media management platform. The Mercury MMP let you plan, manage and optimize effective media campaigns across all media channels - automatically, transparently and efficiently. Our international clients are already using our forward-thinking platform to manage campaigns worth hundreds of millions of euros. Our clients minimize their manual workload up to 40 %, provide stakeholders live access to campaign data via web-based dashboards and reduce campaign management errors by up to 60 %. As well as they regain control over their media activities in real-time, increase productivity and intensify their focus on strategy and ROI management.

You want to see the Mercury MMP in action? Get in touch with us and contact Gunnar Neumann at or +49 40 40 110 220.

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