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About us

Meshcloud is an open cloud federation.

What does this mean?
We connect various service providers across the world to create a common cloud platform.

Why do we do this?
We want to offer companies an enjoyable cloud experience.

This is how it works:

Meshcloud for Service Providers:
We supply service providers who join our cloud federation with an open-source cloud stack based on OpenStack (IaaS) and Cloud Foundry (PaaS). We operate this stack in partnership with the service providers and connect them to a common market platform. Thus, we help service providers offer recent cloud technology on sustainable technology and offer clear and transparent services to their customers and the world.

Meshcloud for Cloud Users:
On our platform, our customers choose the services they need at the location they prefer through the Meshcloud user interface. As our technology is based on open-source software there is no risk of vendor-lockin into proprietary technologies. Decentralized infrastructure further allows for disaster-tolerant deployments or location-aware cloud scenarios.

Hybrid Cloud Scenario:
Many business scenarios profit from hybrid cloud solutions. Data centers are most profitable when they achieve high capacity utilization. The hybrid cloud enables a scale out to the public cloud for peak demand so regular capacity can be reduced. With Meshcloud, private and public cloud run on the same technology and can easily be managed through a single user interface. There is no need for complicated reconfigurations of cloud applications in order to shift or extend to the Meshcloud federation.

You would like to move applications to the cloud, but fear vendor lock-in?
You are operating applications and wonder how the cloud can make your business more flexible?
You believe in open source technologies and you search for a trustful service provider?
We should get in touch.