MINRES Technologies GmbH

About us

We help customers to establish and improve embedded software engineering processes, methodologies and techniques tailored to meet their specific requirements and capable to adapt to future needs. Our key competency is to enable customers to materialize the full benefits of virtual platforms, which are considered to transform the way embedded software is developed. Virtual platforms allow to utilize state of the art software development paradigms (e.g. test driven design, continuous integration, agile development), resulting overall in increased productivity, reduced time-to-market, and most notably in the improvement of critical embedded system quality metrics, such as safety, security and reliability. It is expected that virtual platforms will become a gating technology for future cyber-physical systems.

The name MINRES for the company originates from the Latin phrase 'in medias res'. This reflects the promise to the customer: It will be the duty and mission to identify the real customer problems quickly and competently and provide the fastest means to the best solutions available.

Impressum: http://www.minres.com/impressum.html
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