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Mirabel Technologies

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Company History

Mirabel Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with representatives throughout the United States, Europe and India. With more than 100 collective years of experience in the publishing business, the company launched The Magazine Manager in 2003 and has grown to service more than 9000 magazines, websites, newspapers, events and publications. Company president and founder, Mark McCormick, a publishing industry veteran of over twenty years, designed the system based on his experience in the startup of over a dozen successful magazines in the city regional, interior design and real estate niches.

Integrated Solution For Publishers

The Magazine Manager is the magazine industry’s most comprehensive magazine management software platform. Our package includes a CRM (customer relationship management), Ad/Order Entry System, Billing System, Production Management System, and Circulation Management tools for publishers. Mirabel's Digital Studio allows publishers to paginate their magazines with production data residing in The Magazine Manager. Unlike other CRM’s, The Magazine Manager was specifically designed for the magazine industry and integrates critical sales, production and billing information across departments in order to streamline communication workflow, prevent creation of redundant systems, and duplicate data entry. Mirabel's Digital Studio takes publishers one step further, allowing staff to paginate and layout the magazine and create a flatplan from sold ads in The Magazine Manager. Once the flatplan is created, it's easy to create a digital edition, send the file to your printer, post your digital edition online and create a tablet edition with the push of a button.

Software As A Service

As the industry’s first and most mature web-based platform, we are ideal for companies who have multiple offices, employees who work on the road and from home, and companies that want to reduce their IT infrastructure costs. While figures are not readily available, we believe that over the past several years we have done more successful publishing software installations than any software provider in the United States. We also believe that we have the shortest installation time in the industry, in addition to the highest success rate with roughly 98% of all attempted installations being successful. We regularly convert clients from non industry specific CRM’s and other magazine management systems.

We Know The Industry

All of our software consultants understand the nuances of the publishing industry. The company is highly profitable and is growing faster than any magazine management software platform in the country. In addition to the obvious benefits of our customer relationship management software, our clients benefit from the development of state of the art products in the area of digital asset management and digital edition creation. We believe that Mirabel Technologies' knowledge of the magazine industry and expertise in integrating these technologies, represent the future of publishing and separate us from CRM providers who neither specialize in, nor understand the nuances of the publishing industry.