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About us

“mobileVision is focused on market launches of new product ideas in the wireless and internet space"

What exactly does that mean?

Corporations typically experience substantial difficulties to launch successfully new product ideas – even quite often brilliant in nature.

There are many reasons for this. Our research revealed a few repetitive aspects that stand out:

  • Not enough entrepreneurship (large companies often cannot tolerate entrepreneurs as they tend to be stubborn, individualistic, and – to some degree - rule-breaking
  • Too many voices trying to influence features: though done in the best interest of the large company, this very often slows down decision processes considerably
  • Too much focus on supporting existing businesses rather than putting market success of the new product on top of all attention
  • Requirement by controlling and finance departments to take advantage of the existing processes and infrastructure – whether the new product needs it or not (e.g. ERP system…)

These are the aspects where mobileVision chimes in.

Not only can we bring the necessary experience in terms of new product development and innovation issues (all of us have done that for years), we also know how to deal with large corporations. We bring in experienced entrepreneurs and we can build and operate technical platforms in the required space. Most important, we are willing to take responsibility for what we say, and are prepared to lead the market launch effort from scratch to the successful establishing of the new product in the market space – we do that serially!

What do we do to get started?

In a first step we check via a quick but solid audit, whether the product idea represents a real market opportunity, is feasible, should have a receptive market, the business case is credible and shows acceptable profitability in an acceptable time frame, and what can be done to speed up the market entry. The result are “Go/No Go”-decisions, and substantially optimized masterplan for the market launch phase.

In a second step, we review “make or buy”-decisions.

Finally, the entrepreneurial angel will be reviewed, particularly with respect to competencies of the team. Optimization suggestions may result from this. Very often, driven by the desire to bring the entire launch team into a start-up constellation.

All of this leads to substantial time, investment and budget gains. Earlier market introduction, and a keen focus on winning customers early on and quickly, leads to earlier and bigger revenue, usually combined with higher profitability.

Why are we able to do that?

Because we focus on this, we have done this individually and also as a team for the last 15 years now, and we know the pitfalls quite well. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, independent, and not very patient, but rather driving.”

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