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About us

Working for the future - with Murata

Konnichiwa! Murata is a Japanese, globally leading manufacturer of electronics components, modules and solutions with over 70,000 employees globally. In Europe, Murata has several sales offices, R&D centers and manufacturing sites, and employs approximately 1,500 people. Started as a ‘one man start-up’ in Kyoto in 1944, our company has grown into a global market leader and earned the trust of the customers as a reliable, established and financially healthy supplier, with a long-term vision and strong commitment to sustainable growth. And we will continue to grow: with the megatrends driving expansion of connected world, we see the future full of opportunities.


Take an active part in the next big innovation

Based on our strong technological foundations from materials know-how to process and product design we innovate and create unique electronics products for the future smart society, including connectivity modules, sensors, RF components, capacitors, energy devices, and much more. You may not know it, but our products are surrounding you every day, inside your smartphone, tablet and computer, in your car, in your house and in medical equipment, helping to work more efficiently, to connect with your loved ones, to drive safer and improve the quality of life. At Murata, you can enjoy a meaningful and challenging work, and take an active part in the next big innovation shaping the future of our society.


Be part of our diverse global team

We respect individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints, and encourage all our employees to openly express their opinions and new ideas, to keep innovating and growing our business. At Murata, you will have opportunities to work in an international environment and enjoy intercultural experiences.


Learn, develop & grow

At Murata you will learn from and grow with the most talented engineers and innovators from all over the world, and have opportunities to participate in challenging projects! We encourage our employees to be creative, take initiative and try new ideas, helping them continuously to develop themselves. With us, you can reach your full potential and shape your career based on your strengths and preferences.

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